Collection: Lead solder

With lead weights you can adjust the desired buoyancy when diving. The solders can be used in the lead belt and lead vest. A tip for better visibility is to have a yellow lead weight in the middle of the lead belt, as this will make you more visible to boats and other fellow divers. Then our selection of lead solder below or read our article on how much lead you should use.

FAQs about lead solder

How much lead should I use?

To find the right amount of lead for you, read this article .

When do I need a lead vest or ankle weights?

When you freedive, you should be able to drop the lead belt and float straight to the surface, therefore there should always be the most lead in the belt. But if you need a lot of lead, it will be more gentle on your body to distribute it to several places on the body. With anywhere from 2-5kg of lead in the vest and possibly an ankle weight on each foot, you are better in the water. If you are using 8kg of lead or less, a lead vest is not required, but an ankle weight can be useful to balance the fins in the water surface.

What is the difference between rubberized lead solder and normal lead solder?

Lead weights with a rubber coating are recommended if you want extra high friction against the lead belt or if you dive a lot from a boat, as the rubber makes the surface softer. Most people use normal lead solder, but if you have a large budget, rubberized lead solder is excellent.