Collection: Wetsuit 9mm - Winter suit for freediving

If you want a freediving suit for winter use, a 9 mm wetsuit would be a good choice. Our suits are made of neoprene which insulates against the cold. These are suits that keep you warm and protected in cold water, while being easy to put on and have good comfort. See our selection and find the suit that suits your preferences and needs.

FAQs about wetsuits for freediving

Which wetsuit should I choose?

If you want to freedive and be in the sea even when it's cold, you should choose a freediving suit like the ones you see here, we call these "open cell" as there is no nylon on the inside.

If you want a suit to use all year round, it is wise to choose 7mm . For summer use , 3mm or 5mm can do, and if you dive a lot, it can be nice to have a 9mm suit in the middle of winter.

How do you put on a wetsuit?

A freediving suit does not have nylon on the inside, so the inside has very high friction. To put it on, you have to rinse it inside with water mixed with Slippy application agent or mild, skin-friendly soap. Watch a video showing how to take off and put on the freediving equipment on this page .

How do I know the wetsuit fits?

You can find the right size from the size chart on the product page, but you can never be 100% as we all have slightly different body shapes. If the suit feels tight and you have poor head mobility, we recommend going up a size.

When you have ordered a wetsuit, you still have the right to exchange as long as the suit has only been tried on in the shower. It is very important to use an application agent or mild soapy water when trying on the suit. Read more about warranty and returns on this page .

How do you wash a wetsuit?

A wetsuit is washed by hand with a mild soap. We recommend Gear Aid wetsuit shampoo for this. If the suit starts to smell even after washing, you can use an odor remover .

How do you repair a wetsuit?

It is easy to get small nail marks in a freediving suit. There can also be tears in the wetsuit if you are careless when dressing. Fortunately, it is mostly easy to repair these damages yourself. Read about it in this article .

I'm considering buying an equipment package, which one should I choose?

Read our guide on which package suits you best on this page .