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Fourth Element

Fourth Element Gulper drikkeflaske thermo 900ml

Fourth Element Gulper drikkeflaske thermo 900ml

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Every adventurer needs a canteen of water. The Gulper is more than just your everyday water bottle though.

Praktisk ekstralokk til denne drikkeflasken kan kjøpes her.

Stainless steel double wall vacuum insulation means that iced drinks stay cool for up to 24 hours and a hot drink will stay that way for up to 12 hours. The versatile lid means you can drink on the go thanks to the twist and sip valve and the wide aperture makes filling and cleaning quick, simple and spill-free. Every time you refill this bottle instead of buying bottled water (look out for refill stations cropping up everywhere) you are helping to reduce the production of plastic waste which may end up in landfill or our oceans.


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