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Imersion 7mm neoprene socks size XL

Imersion 7mm neoprene socks size XL

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7mm super comfortable socks from Imersion. Open cell on the inside and nylon on the outside. Durable supratex on the sole, so that the sock can withstand extra beating.

This is a sock model that is relatively narrow, and is designed in soft neoprene. Fits like a rocket on the legs, and are easy to put on and take off. The socks are very warm and good, but if you live in the North of the country, are going to dive in the winter or just want a freezer - there is also a version of the sock in 9mm thickness!

The wet socks are specially developed for freediving and underwater hunting (intended for use in full-foot flippers) with an open cell inside in mind, but warm socks are needed by everyone, whether it's for diving, water sports or kayaking etc.

Features and characteristics

  • 7mm wet socks with open cell inside and nylon outside
  • Durable supratex sole
  • Very good and warm

Shoe size Socks
39-40 S
41-43 M
44-45 L
46-47 XL
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