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McNett / Gear Aid

GA talc

GA talc

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Gear Aid Talcum powder is formerly known as McNett Pro Talc. This is high quality talc that helps protect seals and cuffs in rubber and latex. Not least, the talc makes it MUCH easier to put on suits and seals/cuffs that can seem tight. Creates less friction and chafing against the skin. Gear Aid talc is unperfumed hypoallergenic talc, produced from high-quality chalk from Fankrike.

The smart container the talc comes in has a lid that you can twist to open/close. This creates less mess and makes it easier to get inside neck seals and arms on drysuits for quick application. Can also be used on everything from swimming suits, open cell suits or wetsuits for triathlon.

Especially for those who react to latex, or have long hair (or have sensitive hair), we highly recommend GA Talcum powder. To make the preparations before the dive or paddling trip a little more comfortable.

Properties and functions

* Comes in a 100 gram container

* Smart lid that you can twist to open/close. Stays tight when not in use

* Makes entry through wetsuits, drysuits, neck seals and rubber, neoprene and latex arm cuffs easier

* Helps protect and preserve latex and rubber seals

* Ideal to take with you in your diving bag

* Unperfumed hypoallergenic talc, produced from high quality chalk from Fankrike

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