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McNett / Gear Aid

GA REVIVEX impregnation spray 300 ml

GA REVIVEX impregnation spray 300 ml

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Gear Aid REVIVEX durable water repellent spray bottle of 300ml.

High-quality impregnation and water protection for outerwear from Gear Aid (formerly McNett). Revivex durable water repellent spray restores the water-repellent membrane on GORE-TEX® jackets and similar waterproof breathable outerwear (such as kayak clothing).

If the garment is often used and regularly exposed to wear and tear, the water-repellent membrane, also called durable water repellent or EWR/DWR (durable water repellency), will probably wear out. The fabric will absorb water more easily and become dirty. Revivex repellent spray restores the water-repellent membrane. Simply spray on the agent and let the garment dry, and the outer garment will regain its water-repellent properties (see before and after picture below, no. 2).

Regular treatment of rainwear, soft shell, and outerwear and jackets in GORE-TEX® is strongly recommended. It makes the clothes water-repellent again, keeps you dry and increases the overall lifespan.

Gear Aid REVIVEX durable water repellent is now also available in a larger bottle of 500ml(!)

* Durable - a little spray and treatment restores DWR, and makes the garment water-repellent, more resistant to wear, stains and oils

* Maximizes breathability - When the water-repellent outer layer bounces off the water, the middle layer will breathe better. Makes GORE-TEX® and the like work at their best

* Washable - the DWR membrane holds up wash after wash, it can be air dried and can withstand a tumble dryer

* Compatible - Revivex durable water repellent spray is designed to be used on technical garments/fabrics such as eVent, NeoShell and GORE-TEX. The formula is free of harmful agents such as PFOA/PFOS

* Many areas of use - Restore the properties of your water-repellent garments, whether they are used in sea, snow or rain. Everything that has a DWR membrane, and it can be everything from waders, ski clothing, rain gear, jackets, gloves, boots, dry suits and some tents.


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