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GA Tenacious Tape, Repair tape red and yellow nylon

GA Tenacious Tape, Repair tape red and yellow nylon

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If you get a tear or a hole, don't despair. With Gear Aid Tenacious Tape, you can easily patch together your precious down jacket, ski pants, hammock, sleeping bag or tent. The strong weather-resistant, waterproof tape has an ultra-aggressive adhesive that is easily applied to the damaged area. The tape will not peel off even if it is used on technical garments and surfaces such as nylon and vinyl. Alongside typical sports equipment and leisure equipment, the tape can also be used to fix tarpaulins, awnings, various covers and boat canopies ++

Once it has been applied, wait 24 hours and it will be both machine washable and the product you fixed is 100% ready for use again.

Tenacious Tape comes in clear (transparent) PVC as illustrated in the pictures below, but is also available in different colors (black, red, grey, green/sage or yellow) that can match your jacket, sleeping bag etc.

Whatever needs a quick fix, even in the field - Gear Aid Tenacious Tape is perfect for the job!

In the package there is a roll of tape measuring 50 cm x 7.5 cm (just cut to the desired length and size)

* Bounce off and fasten - No sewing skills or heat required; simply remove the substrate and apply to the surface with pressure; after 24 hours it is washable

* Durable - Ultra-strong adhesive bonds permanently to outdoor turf and materials including nylon, vinyl, rubber and plastic

* Compatible Bel - Make quick, barely noticeable repairs to scratches, tears and holes with the tape that comes in clear, black, yellow, grey, red and sage green.

* Washable - Tenacious tape is sealed with a waterproof coating and will not bounce off during washing or storms!

* Multi-function - Sticks to almost any surface to repair camping gear; including tents, hammocks, sleeping bags, down jackets, rucksacks and much more


* Material - PVC/nylon

* Color - Clear, black, red, yellow, gray or sage green

* Roll of 50 cm x 7.5 cm

* Apply at room temperature for best results. Can be applied directly with pressure or applied with the help of heat from an iron for best durability

* Can be easily put on, removed again and can be washed

* Made in the USA

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