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Men's ExoWear shorts ONLY

Men's ExoWear shorts ONLY

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ExoWear shorts provide maximum thermal protection, an exposure protection garment with neutral buoyancy - designed for multisport. Suitable for diving, freediving and snorkelling in warmer climates, or for SUP, kayaking, kiting, surfing and water sports in general. The product can also be used as underclothing under wetsuits etc. for extra insulation.

For diving and freediving, the thermal garment ExoWear is almost neutral in buoyancy, so you use significantly less lead than on a 3mm neoprene suit. So even if you then use ExoWear under another wetsuit, you most likely don't need to put on that much more lead, and at the same time you get extra warmth and insulation.

BARE's unique OMNIRED ™ Infrared technology in the fabric of the fabric converts outgoing body heat into infrared energy and reflects it back to your body for thermal warmth. 3-layer fabric protects against the harshest elements with materials that are water-repellent, windproof, breathable, quick-drying, and anti-bacterial. And because freedom of movement is important in the water, ExoWear's 4-way stretch provides more elasticity and breathability than the 2-way stretch found in similar products on the market.

Whether you're diving, kayaking or stand up paddling, ExoWear's innovative 3-layer fabric will protect you from the harshest elements. An outer layer, a membrane and a warm inner fleece. Read more about the 3 different teams here:

1. The outer layer

UV-resistant outer layer that is water-repellent, windproof and quick-drying. The water bounces off and there is generally very little water penetration into the fabric. The outer layer is also breathable.

2. The membrane

Wind-resistant and highly breathable membrane provides maximum comfort during highly strenuous activity in and around the water, and helps to regulate body temperature while preventing cooling from the wind.

3. Inner Fleece

Microban® Anti-bacterial with hydrophobic technology and a quick-drying fleece coating, which means less smell (sweat) and not least a garment that is light in weight. Makes it generally very easy to pack with you on trips and travels as it takes up very little space. The OMNIRED ™ Infrared technology woven into the fabric also emits incredible warmth.

ExoWear products have a sea of ​​possibilities for combining layers for exactly the area of ​​use that suits best!

Benefits and features

* 2mm ELASTEK Full Stretch neoprene in the neck, sleeves and bottom of the legs for warmth, better sealing and comfort (by the way, the only part of the garment that is in neoprene)

* Certain parts of the outer material have prints in different shapes and patterns for better grip

* Straps under the feet that prevent the garment from slipping, especially if ExoWear is worn under another wetsuit

* ExoWear has neutral buoyancy so you use almost no lead when diving with it, significantly less buoyancy than in a 3mm neoprene suit

Technical specifications

* Flat low profile stitching throughout and fully seamless underarms for better stretch and elasticity throughout the suit.

* OMNIRED™ infrared technology

* 3-layer protection, where each layer has its own critical properties

* 4-way stretch throughout the garment (only thermal protection on the market with more than 2-way stretch)

* 3-D pattern as body design and sizes, which provides a natural and optimal fit

* ExoWear lowers thermal heat loss by 36% at 1ATM pressure (proven in controlled laboratory thermal testing)


A total of 8 men's sizes available:

S height 168-173
weight 61-70, chest 89-94, waist 74-79, hip 89-94, torso 70, inseam 76

M height 173-178
weight 68-79, chest 94-99, waist 79-84, hip 94-99, torso 72, inseam 79

ML height 178-183
weight 77-88, chest 99-104, waist 84-89, hip 99-104, torso 75, inseam 81

L height 180-185
weight 86-98, chest 104-109, waist 89-94, hip 104-109, torso 76, inseam 83

XL height 183-188
weight 95-107, chest 109-114, waist 94-99, hip 109-114, torso 78, inseam 84

2XL height 185-191
weight 104-116, chest 114-119, waist 99-104, hip 114-119, torso 79, inseam 85

3XL height 188-193
weight 113-125, chest 119-124, waist 104-109, hip 119-124, torso 81, inseam 86

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