Havjegeren 2023 - Ratings and awards

See the announcement of this year's sea hunter 2023, hear an interview with the winner and hear exciting stories 😊

We congratulate Raymon Iden Nilsen on his victory in Havjegeren 2023. Throughout the year, he has shown a great willingness to try new techniques, visit new places and has shared his stories brilliantly with food and experiences in focus. A well-deserved victory!

Underwater hunter Point

Raymond Iden Nilsen


Krzysztof Klimas


Pål Bierman Jørgensen


Thomas Erik Sande


Michael Byø


Hans Christian Furnesvik


Adrian Sunde


Paul Arne Feenstra


Joachim Tömt Kalberg


Fredrik Systad


On this page you will find selected awards and honors from Havjegeren 2023. Every month, the sea hunter of the month is chosen and sent the Havjegerkoppen ☕️. See the bottom of the page for an overview of the 2023 point allocation.

We will highlight unique, special or particularly inspiring catches on this page, for common inspiration. Do you want to read more about what Havjegeren is? You do that at this link.

Sea hunters of the month October and November 2023 - Joachim and Tor Olav Kalberg!
We apologize for the slightly late rating, but look here! Father and son walk away with the prize as sea hunters of the month for October and November! These two are there all year round, spread good cheer and always have a smile on their faces! Congratulations to both of you, coffee and cocoa cups can be picked up at Frivannsliv 😊

Sea hunter of the month September 2023 - Filip Louka
Took the jaggu bus out on a diving trip and had an extra passenger on the way home! An enormous bream weighing 33.3kg - which is a new Norwegian record! Congratulations as sea hunter of the month Filip! The cup is on its way to you in the mail ☕️

Sea hunter of the month August 2023 - Krzysztof Klimas
A strong month from Krzysztof! With beautiful and unique catches! Big red snapper, lovely sea bass and lots of other exciting things! Congratulations, the sea hunter cup is on its way to you Krzysztof.

Sea hunter of the month July 2023 - Raymond Iden Nilsen
Raymon really shows off the concept The Sea Hunter is all about! To discover new dishes from the sea, to hunt varied and to expand the horizon! This month, Raymon has registered a number of exciting and unusual species and is moving up to shared management in Havjegeren 2023!

Sea hunter of the month June 2023 - Adrian Sunde
Wow! A light weight of 5.99 kg! By an underwater hunter! It was an exciting and unusual catch! This species is characterized by its sharp bite and cabbage-black gape, hence known as Cabbage Jaw! The sea hunter of the month is Adrian Sunde!

Sea hunter of the month May 2023 - Jennifer Leknes

Summer is here and Jennifer runs away with a great summer catch in great summer weather! Congratulations Jennifer, the Havjegerkoppen is on its way 🔥

Sea hunter of the month April 2023 - Anders Dannesboe Larsen
Lovely fish, lovely food, a lovely day! The sea hunter of the month is Anders, congratulations!

Sea hunter of the month March 2023 - Pål Bierman Jørgensen
The jury's reasoning:
March may be the last month of winter weather in the sea before it explodes with life in shallow waters along our coast. In March, it is therefore this catch that really stands out and thus becomes the winner of the sea hunter of the month. Such efforts save many lives from a slow and agonizing death. Good job and congratulations Pål! The Havjegerkoppen is on its way in the mail ☕️

Sea hunter of the month February 2023 - Kajsa Helen Sundelin
The jury's reasoning:
Many great catches were reported in the sea hunter in February, although it must be said to be a challenging season to get food from the sea. This month the cup goes to Kajsa Helen Sundelin with an inspiring and appetizing king crab - The first king crab in Havjegeren 2023! Congratulations Kajsa!

Sea hunter of the month January 2023 - Thomas Erik Sande

The jury's reasoning:
In the very first month of the Havjegeren concept, the havjeger cup is sent to Thomas Erik Sande. In the month of January, he has succeeded in finding lyre, plaice, sand flounder, scrub, scallops and pocket crab! With that, Thomas has nine sea hunter points in the bank after a month with a lot of healthy and good seafood on the menu.

Congratulations Thomas!

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