Saltstraumen 2019

Salt trauma 2019

It is Wednesday and six very satisfied and tired underwater hunters have returned home to the West and everyday life. What a week they have had! Here are some words from Simen about this year's trip in Saltstraumen.

(Photo series below the video)

Then we were home after another fantastic week in the sea in the areas around Saltstraumen. Through six days of underwater hunting, six hunters have laid over 18 miles of seabed below us. It all ended with a pleasant course in freediving in the center of Bodø.

We would like to share some of our experiences from the trip with you all , as well as a few words about selective hunting, and what it actually requires to do underwater hunting in Saltstraumen. Mostly all photos by Michael Byø
Every single day we have seen and experienced new things, and not least seen a lot of nice edible fish in the fjords around Bodø. The undersigned has harpooned five fish in the Saltstraumen in the six days of free diving. That number could easily be multiplied, but why take more than I need? It is precisely this that is our great privilege. We select exactly the fish we want to take home to the kitchen to share with friends and family, or just eat it ourselves. When we proudly show off our catches, it can look like we are gathering as much fish as we can. The reality is completely different. The vast majority of things we encounter underwater have to swim on. Only the fish we want to eat and which we are absolutely sure we will hit with a good shot become our prey.

But, when the dream catch is there, we will of course share it with you - and with great excitement! This is the good fishing history Norwegians have lived for along the coast for years! And why not inspire others to take part in such a selective and sustainable form of fishing? The more knowledgeable free divers and underwater hunters we have in Norway, the better. Then there are more of us who form strong ties to the sea, who in turn gain a sense of responsibility for taking care of the rich marine life along our coast. Then it is just as important that we tell the whole story around our catches. Maybe we should get better at sharing pictures and stories of the trips where we don't find a single fish? Because that is the reality. We don't always find what we're looking for.

In Saltstraumen, Steinbiten is protected, enjoy the sight, say hello and swim on.

When I gave the course in Bodø, the talk was about Saltstraumen. For the locals, this is a place they don't really want to visit. Why should they, when they can just as easily dive in the open coast or in fantastic fjords where the current conditions are far more pleasant and the fish stocks are still very good? The stories of fishermen who have been lost in the current have left a deep impression. Saltstraumen has powers that the locals respect. We should too.

In the video at the top of the page, I share my so far best moment from my time as an underwater hunter. Not only did I get the fish I've always dreamed of, I got to share the moment with two good friends in Jan and Roy.

Mr. Simen Wilberg

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