Flaskepost fra Engeløya

Bottle mail from Engeløya

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At the turn of May/June, a group from the Rogaland underwater hunting and freediving club set out on their annual trip to Northern Norway, in search of the midnight sun, the halibut of their dreams and new travel experiences and good fellowship. Rune Rasmussen shares bottle mail with us!

Text and photos: Rune Rasmussen


Ben Simon Djøseland, Sindre Hermansen Lea and Rune Rasmussen after the 10,000 m swim.


The copywriter with a new press on cod.


The day had finally arrived for the trip to Steigen/Engeløya. A group of adventurous free divers/underwater hunters met at Sola with only one goal in mind. Fish….big fish…..but it takes a lot of searching and long days of patience to find halibut. This year's trip has offered many challenges considering that we are still in the middle of a pandemic and with all that it brings. Society has been through many a challenge in the past year and it looked scary for a while as to whether it was going to be lucky or not. Fortunately, vaccination is starting to pick up and relief in general in society is also loosening up. Well, enough about that. The flight started with a 30 minute delay! When we finally took off from Sola and the intermediate country in Bergen and on to Trondheim and the final station Bodø, we could finally drop our shoulders and rejoice. All luggage was collected and we got the rental cars from Hertz. The cars were packed well because there is no small amount of luggage on such a trip with 13 people travelling. We had to have 2 large cars to get the logistics going. And a car for those who had to take an earlier flight.

Now it was just a matter of putting the nose towards Steigen and Engeløya. After 3 hours of driving we arrived at the destination where we were to stay for the next week.

Wenche and Jone Haugland had gotten up in advance and had been polar explorers for the whole group and had prepared a good evening meal for everyone.



Excursion day 1 – Battery dietl

A bit of history comes with you when you go on a trip. Batterie Dietl is one of Europe's largest coastal fortresses from the Second World War. Here stood three of the world's largest land-based cannons which fired shells with a diameter of 40.6cm and a range of 56km. The fort guarded the entrance to the Vestfjorden, the important ship traffic to Narvik where the iron ore from Sweden was taken and taken to Germany.

We had a great time at Batterie, even if the big catch didn't join us. Good clothes and a barbecue after swimming are just perfect for both young and old. The social part of the trip is important!


Battery Dietl


Naughty guys: Sindre, Rune, Espen Madland and Ben Simon.

Wenche ready dive!

Sindre, Rene Sethereng and Ben Simon at the grill.


Day 2 the bridge at Bogøysundet

After the trip at Batterie Dietl, a group traveled and tried their luck on the "big bridge". Here they came back with a sly smile on their faces. Personal records were set this evening by Ben Simon, cod of 13.9kg and Rene got a cod of 11.5kg. Fantastic great work!

On Saturday, several dives were carried out around both bridges and with different results, although also some "small" Persians... The undersigned caught some nice cod of 6kg.


You must have breakfast: former Daniel Sæbbø, Jone Haugland, Wenche Hov Haugland, Sindre, Irene Lindstad Malmin, Odd Geir Varhaug, Espen Madland, Ben Simon, René.


Rune and Ben Simon take a well-deserved rest.


Ben Simon and René with record catches of 13.9 kg and 11.5 kg.


Day 3 the bridge at Bogøysundet

On Sunday, people traveled in pools down to the bridge to seek their luck. Today it was Jone who landed his PB cod of 11kg, the first thing he did when he got ashore was to call his brother to share the news. Always good to share such fishing stories with those closest to you.

There was also time for a dive later in the day before the gala dinner with fish & chips. Everyone contributed what they could, while maestro chef Renè dished up the goodies - the pictures tell the story! After the meal, it was time for songs and jokes.


Odd Geir by the pot, Espen, Ben Simon and Elisabeth.



Day 4

Four cheerful fellows were to try their hand at 10,000m. This would prove to be a tough challenge. It started by dividing the trip into 3 stages where Oddgeir sat at each station with food and drink. At the first station Espen Madland unfortunately had to give up because problems with the ankles. Then there were only 3 left who swam further and it must be said that the whole trip was against the current so it was tougher than expected both for the feet and not least the head. The sun was high in the sky and was a good "source of heat", so it was good to let some cold water into the suit on the trip. A number of fish and other nice things were observed on the route.

Last day and Rene takes the trip alone on battery dietl:

On Thursday, the day before the trip home, it was almost quiet in the camp, some went on a mountain hike, some took the trip to Bøsanden to relax in the sun and some took the first bath of the year at 6 degrees celcius……fresh!! Only one man was "healthy" enough and was taken out to battery Dietl. Today would prove to be a chess move! Rene plotted no less than 2 halibut. The first halibut was just above the minimum measurement of 85cm (7.4kg) and halibut no. 2 was measured to 171cm (71.5kg), the weight is taken from the table. It was a fierce trip with the halibut over land when the sea was at its lowest. Up it went and.


René with hake


Summary club tour Steigen and Engeløya

It was sunset (almost)
There was laughter there was singing
It was summer off
It was sea and magic
It was you and it was me
Those were memories that will never die
It was forever
And a sun that dyed the sky red...

Many thanks to the group that joined the trip.

Irene, Wenche, Elisabeth, Oliver, Sven Erik, Jone, Sindre, Oddgeir, Espen, Ben Simon, Daniel, Rene and Rune.

The End !!



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