Det er mørke kvelder og tid for nattdykking

It's dark evenings and time for night diving

Autumn has arrived and for many it is getting longer and longer between diving trips. Autumn and especially winter are low season for freediving for many, but that is until you have tried a night dive in crystal clear water under a starry sky. You don't get any closer to the feeling of freedom where you float weightlessly around in the dark, focused only on the area your lantern illuminates. Many freedivers are surprised by longer dive times compared to freediving during the day. Try it yourself and experience the magical calm where you float around like an astronaut in the vast nothingness.

Night diving in Volda. Photo: Harald Hjellum

For many, a night dive can be a great opportunity to put away the harpoon. It can give you many new experiences and you can see things you don't see when you are in hunting mode or freediving during the day. If you come across a nice Christmas cod, you can take the harpoon from the buoy anyway. The cod is usually very quiet at night.

If you want to hunt after dark, you can find inspiration and tips in our article from a night dive in Alverstraumen .

There are many diving lights suitable for different uses. Are you going to have focused light for hunting, or do you want to explore with lanterns that illuminate larger areas? We have created a blog article that helps you find the right lantern for your use, you can find it here .

Magical atmosphere on a cold evening

With a light on the harpoon, the hunt is exciting, you get and the light source away from your eyes so that you are not blinded by light reflections.

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