Sommer ved sjøen - familie og barn

Summer by the sea - family and children

Do you dream of long days by the sea, children enjoying themselves on the shore and exploring the beach zone for hours?

Good equipment makes the experience at the sea a little easier and is a good kickstarter for swimming lessons. With a water sports suit and beach socks, the children can stay warm for a long time, they avoid cutting themselves on rocks and sharp stones and escape stinging jellyfish. It gives the children a good starting point for becoming safe in the water.

The equipment also makes it easier to swim both where there is a beach and rocky cliffs. Well protected by the suit, neither seaweed, jellyfish nor crabs are frightening, but exciting life that the children will want to explore more closely. The water sports suits for children withstand a lot both on the inside and outside, and are easy to put on and take off.

You like to remember when you were a child yourself and could explore a small area for hours, how everything felt so much bigger, small discoveries were big and the imagination never ended. That's how it is for children at all times. Good equipment only makes the experience at the lake a little easier. With a snorkel, goggles, flippers and a suit that keeps you and the children warm, you can have many good experiences on the beach and eventually a little further out. The suits also provide buoyancy so that the children float better and can challenge themselves in the water. The bathing season will be extended and you can take advantage of sunny days by the sea while the children enjoy themselves long before the water has reached a comfortable bathing temperature.

Children snorkeling in wetsuits in the sea

Play and snorkel or freedive? Yes please, both

The sea and the beach area provide many great opportunities for community, play and exploration. Whether you just want to keep the children warm when they play or snorkel in the beach zone or whether you want to try free diving for the whole family is up to you. The most important thing is to take it at the children's pace and let them enjoy themselves while they explore life in the sea. When they are ready for it, they can try their hand at short trips underwater together with the adults.

About equipment for children

Water sports suits/ordinary wetsuits have a nylon textile surface both outside and inside, and are thus easy to put on and withstand a lot both inside and outside. These are the most practical suits for waterside play, including swimming and snorkelling. Frivannsliv offers such suits in different thicknesses with and without a hood, see the full range here .

We now also offer wetsuits with Open Cell for children who want to freedive. These suits require more technique to put on, and you have to be careful with the material on the inside, but they let in minimal water, and can be worn for large parts of the year without freezing, and are thus ideal for freediving. Many freedivers who have children who want to join are happy about this venture. We do not recommend buying such a suit if one of the adults is not used to using an open cell suit themselves. This is because it takes some technique to get the suit on and off. See the freediving suit for children here.

With the right equipment, children can be in the water from late spring right through to autumn. In this article, we go through which wetsuits, gloves, socks and other equipment are required if the children want to extend the swimming season, and make product recommendations.

Are you wondering what we recommend for the children during the summer holidays? You can read about that in this article .

See our entire range of equipment for children here.

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